3 Herbs with Amazing Health Benefits You Can Find in Herbal Tea

People the world over have been drinking various forms of loose-leaf tea for literally thousands of years. Herbal tea is particularly known for offering various health benefits and combinations of herbs.

The potential combinations are endless, tailored to suit any pallet.

Read on to understand the remarkable health benefits of 3 common herbs used in loose-leaf teas.


Many scientists and doctors recommend peppermint as an herb to help soothe different kinds of aches and pains.

Peppermint leaves contain an essential oil called menthol. You've probably heard of it from your toothpaste bottle. Menthol gives off a refreshing, strong, scent. It also works as a cooling agent to calm hurting stomachs.

Because of this, peppermint leaves are often used to effectively relieve many discomforts like:

  • Symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Upset stomachs
  • Tension headaches, and more

Peppermint brings the added benefit of being calorie-free and having a delicious flavor when used in tea. It can help with your stinky breath, invigorate your senses before a big test, and reduce your stress levels.

Whether you drink it for its many great health benefits, or simply for the taste, peppermint is on the top shelf when it comes to great tea herbs.

Marshmallow Root

Used medicinally for centuries, marshmallow root has many health properties. Althaea Officinalis, or marshmallow root, is a small brown husk. The plant and flowers are edible and produce sap that offers the medicinal elements.

It is also a commonly consumed herb to help with stomach issues like acid reflux and ulcers. 

Drinking tea with marshmallow root can help coat the esophagus to protect it from the potentially damaging acids that can damage.

Marshmallow root is also used to soothe skin inflammation like that which occurs in eczema. It relieves some of the redness and pain that can occur with sunburns.

The soothing effect of marshmallow root in your tea could also be a great way to relieve that persistent dry throat and resulting cough.


Odds are good that if you look at the ingredients in any one of your body lotions, you will see chamomile. Why is this? It's comforting, softening, and again, a soothing herb.

Flavonoids are a chemical in chamomile that gives it its medicinal quality. Similar to benzodiazepine, chamomile works to calm and reduce anxiety. Hence, it is often seen as an ingredient in nighttime lotions.

The common cold, inflammation, menstrual cramps, and endless more issues are helped by consuming chamomile. Not to mention, when drinking chamomile, you get the added benefit having your stress levels reduced while your health is improving.

Other Benefits of Herbal Tea

These 3 herbs are just a few contained in herbal tea that can provide numerous boosts to energy and health.

Knowing what's ailing you will help you choose the perfect combination of herbs for the tea that's just right.

Everything from licorice to lemon leaf can offer you some of nature's best remedies. Browse our blog to learn more about the many physical and mental health benefits resulting from drinking loose-leaf herbal tea.  Take a look at our favorite blends where you can have these great herbs in one tasty blend! Shop Teas!

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