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Hormone Balance
Hormone Balance
Hormone Balance
Hormone Balance

Hormone Balance

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This tea was created from hours of consultations with women struggling with the same issue: low progesterone and high testosterone.

A common issue for women with PCOS, this tea is a powerful herbal remedy meant to gently support the endocrine system. The most unique of all the teas, the flowers, berries, shapes, and colors in this blend is a reminder of how wonderful and intricate our bodies are.


Chaste tree
Peony root
Saw palmetto berries


To brew, use 1-2 teaspoon for every 8 ounces of just under boiling water, and steep for 5-10 minutes, preferably in our favorite teapot for maximum flavor.

2 oz loose-leaf tea pouch

Caffeine Free 

This tea is not a treatment or a cure, and always consult with a doctor before taking any herbs if on medication, pregnant, or nursing. 

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