Steep. Sip. Mend. #sippinonherbs

About Us


Emily Schromm, CEO and Founder 



There are a few moments I vividly remember falling in love with herbs, and those moments all involve plants healing me in ways that I never expected. Whether it was an upset stomach or high anxiety, the creation of teas in my kitchen for various ailments became an addiction. 

This tea company has been in the works for over three years. Studying and testing, reading and tasting, gifting and experimenting.. Herbal Element is the creation of my own journey connecting with nature. I am continuously amazed the more I learn how powerful herbs truly are.

Connecting back to nature is more than drinking a cup of tea: this process is all about understanding your power. Realizing that we are more than just flesh and blood. We are of this earth. Every tea is categorized into an element that represents it's properties: FIRE. EARTH. AIR. and WATER, but remember that we all have a little of each inside of us. 

Every purchase of tea will include a spirit animal card designed by Kerby and written by me.

Connect with who you are. Connect with nature. Connect... And sip. 


To more than just tea,

Emily (founder, hummingbird, lover of all nature)